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Are you a devoted pet owner? An animal lover? Do you have unique knowledge of pet health, behavior, nutrition, or training? We welcome writers who are as passionate about pets as we are!

Years in Human Years is all about making sense of how our furry, feathery, and scaly friends experience life compared to humans. We translate concepts like the lifespan of a dog, the gestation period of various species, and the time it takes pets to reach maturity into easy-to-understand units – years in human years.

We’re seeking writers who can take topics related to common household pets and backyard wildlife and put the numbers into perspective. Some examples of themes we cover include:

  • Lifespans of popular pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, etc. and how they compare to a human lifetime
  • Key milestones like weaning, maturity, old age for various animals in “human years”
  • Generational timescales showing how many human generations pets or species can live through
  • Comparisons of animal gestation periods, life stages, and development to those of people

Our goal is to help pet owners better understand their animals and for all readers to gain insight into the animal kingdom by thinking in more relatable terms.

If you have first-hand experience with pets along with the ability to research and write clear, engaging articles explaining animal timescales, please pitch us by using contact form given below or at [email protected]. Let us know what topics you’re interested in covering as well. We’re excited to consider writers who can bring both passion and skill to explaining the lives of animals!