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Chicken Years to Human Years

To compare chicken age in human years, you need to understand how chicken age compared to human.

Lots of pet chicken owners wonder how to figure out their chicken’s age in human years. Since chickens usually live shorter lives than humans, their ages don’t match up exactly. This can make it really confusing to understand how old your pet rooster is in human terms.

Based on the formula, here’s the breakdown:

  1. A 5-month-old chicken is equivalent to 12 human years.
  2. From 7 months to 2 years, every month for a chicken is roughly equivalent to 1 human year.
  3. A 3-year-old chicken is equivalent to 33 human years.
  4. Every subsequent year in a chicken’s life after 3 years is equivalent to 10 human years.

Using the formula, we can derive the following conversions:

  • 6 months old chicken: 12 years (for the first 5 months) + 1 year (for the 6th month) = 13 human years.
  • 1-year-old chicken: 12 years (for the first 5 months) + 7 years (for the next 7 months) = 19 human years.
  • 2-year-old chicken: 19 years (for the first year) + 8 years (for the next 8 months) = 27 human years.
  • 5-year-old chicken: 33 years (for the first 3 years) + 20 years (for the next 2 years, as each year is 10 human years) = 53 human years.

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Chicken Years to Human Years Calculator

To convert chicken age in human years, enter chicken age in months to convert it into equivalent human years.

How Chicken Ages Compared to Human

Chickens and humans age at different rates due to various biological factors, and the comparison is not straightforward. Here are a few points to consider:

Life Span:

Chickens: The average lifespan of a domestic chicken is 5 to 10 years, although some can live longer with proper care. Some heritage breeds may live up to 8 years or more under optimal conditions. However, commercial broiler chickens raised for meat are typically slaughtered at around 6 weeks of age, and laying hens may be culled from production flocks when their egg production decreases, usually after 2 to 3 years.

Humans: The average human lifespan varies significantly by country and socioeconomic status but generally falls between 70 and 90 years.


Chickens: Chickens reach sexual maturity quickly. Many breeds can start laying eggs as early as 4-6 months of age, and they are considered fully grown by that time.

Humans: Humans reach sexual maturity at puberty, which typically occurs between 12 and 16 years of age, though full physical maturity is not reached until around 18-25 years.

According to Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens” by Gail Damerow, A chicken reaches sexual maturity and can start laying eggs at about 4-6 months old, which could be likened to a human reaching puberty. In human terms, puberty generally occurs between ages 12-16, marking the onset of reproductive capability.

Developmental Milestones:

Chickens: Development in chickens is rapid. Within the first few weeks, chicks develop feathers and start to look like smaller versions of adult chickens.

Humans: Human development is much more prolonged, with various stages including infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

Aging Signs:

Chickens: In chickens, signs of aging can include decreased egg production, graying of the feathers, reduced activity, and more susceptibility to diseases.

Humans: Aging in humans is characterized by graying hair, wrinkles, decreased mobility and metabolism, and a higher likelihood of chronic health conditions.

If you were to draw an analogy, you might say that a 1-year-old chicken is already a mature adult, similar to a human in their late teens or early twenties in terms of their lifecycle stage. However, this is a very rough comparison and doesn’t reflect the complexities of biological aging processes across different species.

Chicken Years to Human Years Chart

Chicken Years to Human Years Chart
Chicken Years to Human Years Chart
Chicken AgeConversion ProcessHuman Age Equivalent
6 months12 years (first 5 months) + 1 year (6th month)13 years
1 year12 years (first 5 months) + 7 years (next 7 months)19 years
1 year 1 month19 years (first year) + 1 year (1 month)20 years
1 year 2 months19 years (first year) + 2 years (2 months)21 years
1 year 3 months19 years (first year) + 3 years (3 months)22 years
1 year 4 months19 years (first year) + 4 years (4 months)23 years
1 year 5 months19 years (first year) + 5 years (5 months)24 years
1 year 6 months19 years (first year) + 6 years (6 months)25 years
1 year 7 months19 years (first year) + 7 years (7 months)26 years
1 year 8 months19 years (first year) + 8 years (8 months)27 years
2 years19 years (first year) + 8 years (next 8 months)27 years
2 years 1 month27 years (first 2 years) + 1 year (1 month)28 years
2 years 2 months27 years (first 2 years) + 2 years (2 months)29 years
2 years 3 months27 years (first 2 years) + 3 years (3 months)30 years
2 years 4 months27 years (first 2 years) + 4 years (4 months)31 years
2 years 5 months27 years (first 2 years) + 5 years (5 months)32 years
2 years 6 months27 years (first 2 years) + 6 years (6 months)33 years
2 years 7 months27 years (first 2 years) + 7 years (7 months)34 years
2 years 8 months27 years (first 2 years) + 8 years (8 months)35 years
2 years 9 months27 years (first 2 years) + 9 years (9 months)36 years
2 years 10 months27 years (first 2 years) + 10 years (10 months)37 years
2 years 11 months27 years (first 2 years) + 11 years (11 months)38 years
3 years27 years (first 2 years) + 11 years (next 12 months)38 years
4 years38 years (first 3 years) + 10 years (next year)48 years
5 years38 years (first 3 years) + 20 years (next 2 years)58 years

From this chart, we can see that each additional month after two years adds roughly one human year, and each chicken year after the age of three counts as ten human years according to the provided formula.

Important Questions

How long do chickens live?

On average, chickens live 5-10 years. The longest recorded lifespan for a chicken was 16 years! For comparison, humans tend to live 70-90 years.

How old is a 1 year old chicken in human years

The first Chicken 5 months count as 12 human years and the next 7 months as 7 human years. So, a 1-year-old chicken would be 12+7=19 human years old.

How old is a 3 year old chicken in human years

By following the same proven formula, the age of 3 chicken years is approximately equivalent to 33 human years.

How old is a 2 year old chicken in human years

The age of 2 chicken years is approximately equivalent to 27 human years, on the basis of scientific formula.

The Verdict

Converting your pet chicken’s age to human years requires a simple formula. Just remember that the first year counts more, and then slow down each following year. This will give you a rough idea of your chicken’s age in human terms. The key is realizing chickens age rapidly at first but then slow down over time.


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