Chimpanzee Years to Human Years (Chimpanzee Age Calculator)

Chimpanzee Years to Human Years

How old is a chimp in human years? Use this Chimpanzee years to human years calculator to find Chimpanzee age in human years.

In the wild, chimpanzees live for 30-40 years on average. Captive chimpanzees have longer lifespans of around 50-60 years.

When comparing the ages of chimpanzees years to human years, it can get confusing trying to figure out the equivalence. Chimpanzees and humans ages differently and have different average lifespans and developmental timelines.

Primate researchers have devised a handy formula to convert chimp years to something more relatable to us.

Conversion Formula:

  • For the first 2 years and 7 months of a chimpanzee’s life: Human years = Chimpanzee years * 2
  • From 2 years and 7 months to 6 years and 9 months: Human years = 5 + (Chimpanzee years – 2.58) * 3
  • Beyond 6 years and 9 months: Human years = 13 + (Chimpanzee years – 6.75) * 2

The oldest recorded age for a chimpanzee is over 70 years. The oldest-known male captive chimpanzee lived to 66 years, while the oldest female, Little Mama, was over 70 years old.

Chimpanzee Years to Human Years Calculator

Chimpanzee Years to Human Years Calculator
Chimpanzee Years to Human Years Calculator

Use chimpanzee age calculator to compare chimpanzee age in human years.

  • 1 Years old chimpanzee is 2 years old in human years
  • 2 Years old chimpanzee is 4 years old in human years
  • 3 Years old chimpanzee is 8 years old in human years
  • 4 Years old chimpanzee is 9.26 years old in human years
  • 5 Years old chimpanzee is 12 years old in human years
  • 6 Years old chimpanzee is 15.26 years old in human years
  • 7 Years old chimpanzee is 18 years old in human years
  • 8 Years old chimpanzee is 21 years old in human years
  • 9 Years old chimpanzee is 24 years old in human years
  • 10 Years old chimpanzee is 27 years old in human years

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For the first few years of life, chimps develop at a pace roughly twice as fast as human children. So you would take a 2 year old chimp’s age and multiply it by 2 to get a human equivalent age of 4 years.

During the late infant and juvenile phase, chimps develop even faster, making things like motor coordination and communication skills kick into high gear. The formula maps this accelerated growth spurt appropriately.

Once chimps reach full sexual maturity in their adolescent phase, their aging slows down considerably. Though they aren’t senior citizens by any means, the multiplier decreases since their adulthood phase is prolonged to match their longer average lifespan.

Using this quick chimpanzee age calculator, you can instantly determine what chimp lifespan in human years!

Chimpanzee Age Chart

Chimpanzee Years to Human Years Chart

This table shows the conversion at different example ages using the baby chimpanzee to human age formulas:

  • 0-2 years, 7 months: Simple 1:2 ratio
  • 2.7-6.9 years: Formula adjusting for faster juvenile development
  • 6.9+ years: Formula adjusting for slower adulthood aging

You can use this for reference when comparing the ages of chimpanzees at different life stages to the equivalent ages for humans.

How Long Does It Take a Chimpanzee to Reach Adulthood

Chimpanzees reach adulthood around 12-15 years of age. 

0-5 years old: Infant and juvenile stage. During this time, chimps nurse, stick close to their mothers, play, and develop motor skills and muscle coordination.

5-7 years old: The transition from juvenile to adolescent. Growth begins accelerating as sexual organs start maturing.

8-12 years old: The adolescent phase. Rapid weight and height gains take place. Males display aggressive dominance posturing as their testes become fully functional.

12-15 years old: Young adulthood. By age 12-15 years, both male and female chimps typically reach full adult size and weight and are sexually mature. Females start going into heat and giving birth.

Using the chimp-to-human age calculations, a 12-15 year old chimp equates roughly to a human age of 25-30 years – when humans are typically establishing their full independence and settling into adult responsibilities.

What is the lifespan of a 39 year old chimpanzee?

A 39 year old chimpanzee lifespan is equivalent to a 77 year old human based on the standard formula for converting between chimp and human ages. At this age, both species are well into adulthood and showing signs of advancing age like greying hair and slowing down. 

In captivity, the maximum chimpanzee lifespan documented is 60-70 years. So at age 39, this chimp is nearing middle age – roughly the chimp equivalent of a human in their late 70s. 

If healthy, this chimp potentially has 15-20 more good years ahead before reaching elderly status. 

In the wild, lifespans average a bit shorter at around 35-40 years total, so a 39 year old is definitely a senior adult there. But this chimp still falls within the natural age range a wild chimpanzee could reach as well.


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