Dachshund Years to Human Years (Age in Human Years)

Dachshund Years to Human Years

Convert Dachshund lifespan to Human Years using dachshund years to human years calculator.

Dachshunds on average have a lifespan of 12 to 16 years, which is equal to 94 human years.

Dachshunds reach physical maturity around 1 year of age, but they might still exhibit puppy-like behavior until they’re about 1.5 to 2 years old.

The commonly held belief is that one human year equals 7 dog years. However, this oversimplifies things, especially when looking at different breeds.

Researchers have devised more accurate formulas for very small and large dog breeds. For Dachshunds, the following basic conversion applies:

  • The first year of a Dachshund’s life equals about 15 human years.
  • At age 2, they are roughly 24 human years old.
  • From 3 years onward, add 5 human years for every 1 Dachshund year.

So a 4 year old Dachshund would be 34 in human years. An 8 year old Dachshund is the equivalent of a 54 year old person.

The oldest Dachshund on record is a wire-haired Dachshund named Chanel, who lived for 21 years and 114 days. She was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the oldest living dog in 2009. Chanel passed away on August 28, 2009

As Dachshunds reach different life stages, aware owners can help provide the best care.

Conversion Formula:

  • First Year: 15 human years
  • Second Year: 15 + 9 = 24 human years
  • Age 3 years onwards: 24 + (5 * (dachshund_years – 2))

A dachshund is 89 years old in human years.

Let convert Dachshund age in human years using dog years to human years calculator.

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Dachshund Years to Human Years Calculator

Dachshund Years to Human Years Calculator
Dachshund Years to Human Years Calculator

1 Years old Dachshund is 15 years old in human years

2 Years old Dachshund is 24 years old in human years

3 Years old Dachshund is 29 years old in human years

4 Years old Dachshund is 34 years old in human years

5 Years old Dachshund is 39 years old in human years

6 Years old Dachshund is 44 years old in human years

7 Years old Dachshund is 49 years old in human years

8 Years old Dachshund is 54 years old in human years

9 Years old Dachshund is 59 years old in human years

10 Years old Dachshund is 64 years old in human years

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Dachshund Age Chart

Dachshund Years to Human Years Chart

Here is an expanded version of the Dachshund Years to Human Years Conversion Chart with additional elaboration on life stages and aging:

1 year – Puppy (15 human years)

  • Considered a “puppy” in their first 12-18 months
  • Very energetic, playful, and excitable
  • Rapid physical and mental development

2 years – Young Adult (24 human years)

  • Reached full height and weight
  • Still has high energy levels
  • Will start to show signs of calming down

3-4 years – Adult (29-34 human years)

  • Energy levels balancing out
  • Personality is well defined
  • Back problems may emerge, must be monitored for injuries
  • Still very physically active when healthy

5-7 years – Middle Age (39-49 human years)

  • Greying fur, especially on muzzle and eye whiskers
  • Early signs of reduced stamina and slower movement
  • Well behaved and less destructive behaviors
  • Prone to weight gain which strains back

8-10 years – Senior (54-64 human years)

  • Senior diet is recommended due to slower metabolism
  • Ongoing back/disc issues likely
  • Cataracts, vision issues may require medication
  • Occasional loss of bladder control
  • Gradual deterioration physically and mentally

11-15 – Super Senior (69-89 human years)

  • Considered geriatric
  • Arthritis and joint issues common
  • Heart disorders may require medication
  • Losing hearing, vision, or cognitive ability
  • Onset of dementia possible
  • Requires veterinary monitoring and care

16-20 years – Super Senior (94-114 human years)

  • Approaching maximum expected lifespan
  • Ongoing internal and external age-related conditions
  • Chronic health issues needing medication/care
  • Dementia or arthritis can severely impact quality of life
  • Little remaining physical activity or exercise

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Miniature Dachshund Years to Human Years

Mini or miniature Dachshunds tend to live slightly longer than the standard size breed.

Some key points:

  • Mini Dachshund Average Lifespan: 14-16 years
  • Increased Longevity: Well cared for mini Dachshunds can potentially reach ages 17-20 years.
  • Size Difference: Miniature Dachshunds weigh less, usually under 11 lbs compared to 16-32 lbs for standards.
  • Impact of Size: The smaller body size puts less strain on the back over time.
  • Weight Still Key: However, extra weight negatively impacts mins as well. Keeping lean is crucial.


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