Best Dog Pregnancy Calculator – Gestation Calculator

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

This best vet approved dog pregnancy calculator week by week is helpful to estimate the dog gestation period and due date.

The dog gestation calculator provide useful information on what signs to look for during pregnancy, provide tips for caring for a pregnant dog, and answer frequently asked questions about dog pregnancy.

Determining if your dog is pregnant and when she might give birth is exciting yet challenging. Unlike humans, you can’t ask your dog “When are you due?” Using a dog gestation calculator can help estimate the whelping date so you know when puppies might arrive.

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Use below pet pregnancy calculator to find out when is your dog’s due date and gestation period.

To use this pub gestation calculator:

  • Enter the first and last day your dog was bred during its heat cycle
  • The calculator will suggest a due date range based on 58-68 days from the first breed date
  • It will also estimate the most likely due date at 63 days from the first breeding

Monitor your pregnant dog for signs of labor as you approach the estimated due date range. Seek veterinary care if you have any concerns.

There are a few other ways to estimate the delivery date without an ultrasound from your vet:

  • Breeding/ovulation dates: Count from the estimated 1st day your dog was in heat or bred
  • Physical signs: Enlarged nipples, weight gain, belly swelling, nesting signs
  • X-rays: Taken at 45+ days can count puppy skeletons

While each dog’s pregnancy is different, paying attention to changes and estimating dates will help prepare you for the big day! Read on for tips on using dog pregnancy math, signs of pregnancy, caring for a pregnant dog, and frequently asked questions. Take look at our Goat Gestation Calculator.

Dog Pregnancy Calculator Week by Week

Dog Pregnancy Calculator Week by Week

Week 1

  • Days 1-7 past ovulation.
  • Ovulation and conception occur.

Week 2

  • Days 8-14 past ovulation.
  • Embryos implant into the uterus.
  • Mammary glands begin developing.

Week 3

  • Days 15-21 past ovulation.
  • Embryos resemble tiny puppies.
  • Nipples grow larger.

Week 4

  • Days 22-28 past ovulation.
  • Skeletal structures develop.
  • Fetal puppy movement may be felt.

Week 5

  • Days 29-35 past ovulation.
  • Hair and nail growth visible on pups.
  • Belly expands, weight gain noticeable.

Week 6

  • Days 36-42 past ovulation.
  • Puppies very active in utero.
  • Nesting behaviors emerge.

Week 7

  • Days 43-49 past ovulation.
  • Milk production begins.
  • Puppies move into birthing position.

Week 8

  • Days 50-56 past ovulation.
  • Body temperature drops below 100°F.
  • Restlessness, panting, shivering.

Week 9

  • Days 57-63 past ovulation.
  • Puppies are born!

Popular Dog Breeds and Their Gestation Period

Popular Dog Breeds

The length of pregnancy in dogs can vary slightly depending on the breed.

Though around 2 months or 63 days is considered average, some breeds routinely carry litters a few days longer or shorter.

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds. They have an average gestation period of 63-65 days. Labs usually whelp without complication after about 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Golden Retrievers have a similar average gestation period to Labs, around 63-65 days. Goldens are large, healthy dogs and make excellent mothers with few birthing issues. Their litters are born after about 9 weeks of pregnancy.

German Shepherds have an average pregnancy length of 62-64 days. GSDs are working dogs bred for intelligence and soundness. They tend to have slightly shorter gestation periods and give birth easily.

Yorkshire Terriers usually have a slightly longer pregnancy term. The average for Yorkies is 65-67 days before puppies are born. Their small size may contribute to the slightly longer time needed to develop in the womb.

Smaller toy breeds like Yorkies tend to have a longer gestation, while large working breeds like GSDs carry litters for a shorter term. But all popular breeds have an average pregnancy of 58-68 days from breeding to birth.

Dog Gestation Calculator Formula

Dog Gestation Calculator Formula

The average length of canine pregnancy is 63 days from ovulation. Ovulation usually occurs between days 10-20 of the heat cycle.

Due date = Date of mating + 63 days

This calendar is based on the average gestation period of dogs, which is about 63 days or 9 weeks.

So the basic formula is:

  1. Estimate ovulation as day 15 of the heat cycle (you can estimate 10-20 based on length of heat)
  2. Add 63 days to the estimated ovulation date. This gives you the estimated due date.

For example:

  • Dog went into heat on January 5
  • Estimate ovulation on day 15 of heat: January 19
  • Add 63 days to January 19 = March 23
  • Estimated due date is March 23

You can also calculate from breeding dates:

  • Dog was bred on January 25 and 26
  • Add 58-68 days to first breeding date
  • 58 days after January 25 = March 24
  • 68 days after January 25 = April 2

So the puppies are estimated to arrive between March 24 and April 2.

  • Ovulation happens around days 10-20 of heat, average is day 15
  • Whelping occurs 63 days from ovulation (range 58-68 from breeding)
  • To estimate due date, add 63 days from ovulation OR 58-68 days from first breeding

Dog Pregnancy Calendar

Dog Pregnancy Calendar
Dog Pregnancy Calendar

Signs Your Dog is Pregnant

In addition to using a dog pregnancy calculator, watch for these physical signs of pregnancy in your dog:

  • Week 2-3: Swollen nipples, appetite changes
  • Week 4: Belly swelling, weight gain, tiredness
  • Week 5-6: Belly distends, nesting behaviors
  • Week 7-8: Milky nipples, belly very large

Some dogs also show behavioral changes during pregnancy:

  • Increased affection and clinginess
  • Less interest in exercise, more sleeping
  • Nesting – digging beds, restless, anxious
  • Changes in appetite or eating habits

If your dog was bred 18-25 days ago and is showing physical or behavioral changes, she may be pregnant! Consult your vet for an exam to confirm.

“From swollen vulva to start of labor, documenting all physical and behavioral changes will help determine pregnancy and estimate when puppies may arrive.” – Dr. Margret Casal, DVM

Stay tuned into subtle differences in your dog so you can prepare for puppies!

How to Use Dog Pregnancy Calculator

A dog pregnancy calendar helps estimate when your dog may give birth using the breeding dates. Here’s how it works:

  • Average dog pregnancy length: 63 days from ovulation/breeding
  • Ovulation: Usually happens on days 10-20 of a heat cycle
  • Conception: Can occur over several days as eggs are released
  • Whelping: 63 days from ovulation, 58-68 days from 1st breeding

To use a dog gestation calculator:

  1. Note your dog’s heat start and end dates
  2. Estimate ovulation on days 10-20 of heat
  3. Add 63 days to the ovulation date for estimated due date

You can also count from the breeding dates, though conception may vary by a few days. Add 58-68 days from the earliest breeding date for a due date range.

Some online calculators make it easy. Simply input the breeding dates, and it gives you the estimated due date!

“To estimate whelping dates, start counting from the first possible day of breeding. While 63 days is average, whelping typically occurs between 58-68 days from the first breeding.” – Dr. Sara Ochoa, Veterinarian

Tracking dates, physical signs, and preparations will help you determine when puppies are on the way!

Caring for a Pregnant Dog

Once pregnancy is confirmed, here are some tips for caring for your pregnant dog:

  • Gentle exercise daily, but avoid strenuous activity
  • Feed a high quality puppy formula dog food
  • Ensure she is eating enough extra calories for her litter
  • Limit stress and excitement
  • Provide a quiet, cozy place for her to nest indoors
  • Take her outside regularly for potty breaks
  • Visit the vet for an ultrasound and checkup around 4-6 weeks

Your pregnant dog has special nutritional needs, so consult your vet on the best diet, vitamins, and minerals for the mom and her puppies. Give her lots of love and start preparing for the whelping day!

“Pregnant and nursing dogs need extra high quality proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Work closely with your vet to ensure she gets the right nutritional support.” – Dr. Wanda Gordon, Canine Nutritionist

With some extra care and preparation, you can help make your dog’s pregnancy smooth and comfortable!

Important Questions

How do you calculate dog pregnancy?

To calculate dog pregnancy, you first estimate the day of ovulation as day 10-20 of the heat cycle, with day 15 being average. Then add 63 days from estimated ovulation to get the due date. You can also count 58-68 days from the first breeding date to estimate the due date range.

Are dog due dates accurate?

Dog due dates are not an exact science. The 63 day average pregnancy length has a normal range of 58-68 days from breeding/ovulation. So the estimated due date from a dog pregnancy calculator is usually accurate within a week or so. Monitor the mother dog for signs of impending labor as you approach the due date range.

How can you tell how far along a dog is pregnant at home?

Signs of how far along a pregnant dog is include:

  • 2-3 weeks: Swollen nipples, appetite changes
  • 4 weeks: Belly swelling, weight gain
  • 5-6 weeks: Obvious belly distension, nesting behavior
  • 7-8 weeks: Milky nipples, large belly, strong puppy kicks

How long after mating are puppies born?

Puppies are typically born 58-68 days after mating, with the average pregnancy length being 63 days. So puppies are born about 2 months or 9 weeks after the mother dog was bred.

How long are dogs pregnant?

The average dog pregnancy is 63 days from conception/ovulation. Whelping typically occurs between 58-68 days from the first breeding.

Can you tell if a dog is pregnant?

Signs your dog may be pregnant include: swollen nipples, weight gain, growing belly, increased appetite, lethargy, and nesting behaviors like digging and agitation.

Do dogs show signs of pregnancy?

Yes, dogs show physical signs like belly swelling and behavioral changes like lethargy and nesting when pregnant. But some dogs show few signs, so an ultrasound may be needed to confirm.

What week do dogs start showing?

Dogs typically start showing signs of pregnancy around 3-4 weeks after conception or breeding. Later signs like weight gain and milk production are seen in weeks 5-8.

How can you tell how many puppies a dog will have?

Veterinarians can estimate litter size in a few ways: palpation during an exam, x-rays of puppy skeletons at 45+ days, and ultrasounds at 20-25 days into pregnancy.

Do dogs belly drop before giving birth?

In the last 2 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant dog’s belly will drop as the puppies shift into birthing position. This belly drop indicates labor will likely start within the next week.

What do I need for my dog giving birth?

You’ll want whelping supplies like warmth, clean towels, sterile scissors, dental floss, heating pad, thermometer, scale, and emergency vet number. Have a whelping box and supplemental formula on hand too.

How long do dogs bleed after giving birth?

It’s normal for mother dogs to have a bloody vaginal discharge called lochia for 4-6 weeks after whelping as the uterus cleanses itself. Consult a vet if bleeding is excessive, foul-smelling, or continues beyond 6 weeks.

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