Elf Years to Human Years (DND Age Chart)

Elf Years to Human Years

Convert elf years to human years using our online age calculator.

Elves, as mythical creatures, have been depicted in various literature, movies, and folklore. One of the most popular representations of elves comes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium, where elves are immortal beings.

However, their perception of time and their maturation rate differ from humans. For the purpose of this conversion, we’ll base our information on Tolkien’s elves, as they are among the most detailed and widely recognized in modern culture.


  1. Elf Lifespan: Elves in Tolkien’s world are immortal, meaning they don’t die of old age. However, they mature at a different rate than humans.
  2. Elf Maturity: An elf is considered to come of age at around 50-100 years. This is when they reach physical and emotional maturity, equivalent to a human in their late teens or early twenties.
  3. General Conversion: Given that elves mature around the age of 50-100 and then remain ageless, we can create a conversion rate based on this maturation period.

Conversion Formula:

  • For the 1st 100 years of an elf’s life: Human years = 20 (considering an elf at 100 is similar to a 20-year-old human)
  • For each year after the 100th: Human years remain constant at 20, as elves don’t age in the same way humans do.

Elf Years to Human Years Calculator

  • 50 elf years = 5 human years
  • 100 elf years = 11 human years
  • 150 elf years = 16 human years
  • 200 elf years = 21 human years
  • 250 elf years = 27 human years
  • 300 elf years = 32 human years
  • 350 elf years = 37 human years
  • 400 elf years = 43 human years
  • 450 elf years = 48 human years
  • 500 elf years = 53 human years
  • 550 elf years = 59 human years
  • 600 elf years = 64 human years
  • 650 elf years = 69 human years
  • 700 elf years = 75 human years
  • 750 elf years = 80 human years
  • 800 elf years = 85 human years
  • 850 elf years = 91 human years
  • 900 elf years = 96 human years
  • 950 elf years = 101 human years
  • 1000 elf years = 107 human years

Elf Age Chart

Elf Years to Human Years Chart

Additional details on life stages:

Infancy & Childhood (0-100 years):

  • Elves mature slowly and spend far longer in “childhood” by human standards. An elf of 50 years would still be considered a young child.
  • Play, curiosity and artistic talents emerge.

Adolescence/Teens (100-200 years):

  • Elves experience a “teen” rebellious phase that lasts for a whole century!
  • Self-discovery, emotional development, finding life pursuits/passions. Gain wider artistic/magical training.

Young Adulthood (200-300 years):

  • Elves finish intellectual schooling, choose careers, start families. Pursue great deeds of skill and daring.
  • Peak physical condition and beauty. expiry wanderlust common.

Adulthood/Prime Years (300-450 years):

  • Settle into chosen realms of contribution (arts, magic, rule). Develop fullest mastery over long years.
  • Serve as teachers, guides and role models at the height of their wisdom and power.

Middle Age onward (450+ years):

  • Withdraw increasingly into background roles as advisers, governors, keepers of lore/history.
  • Spend more time in contemplation, artistic creation, spiritual pursuits. Pass on knowledge to younger elves.


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