Goldfish Years to Human Years (Calculator, Chat, Age)

Goldfish Years to Human Years

To calculate goldfish years to human years first you need to figure out average lifespan of gold fish and how goldfish ages.

Goldfish can live for 10-15 years on average years, with some even reaching over 20 years in the right conditions. In comparison, the average human lifespan is around 80 years.

Goldfish reach sexual maturity between 1 to 2 years of age. In human terms, this would be equivalent to the late teenage years or early twenties.

Goldfish grow rapidly in their first few years and then slow down as they age. This is somewhat similar to humans, who grow rapidly in childhood and then slow down after reaching adulthood.

Based on these points, I’ll use a formula that takes into account the rapid growth and maturity of goldfish in their early years and then a slower conversion rate as they age.

Conversion Formula:

  1. For the first 2 years of a goldfish’s life, I’ll equate each year to 10 human years. This accounts for the rapid growth and early maturity of goldfish.
  2. For subsequent years, I’ll use a conversion rate of 4 human years for every goldfish year. This accounts for the slower growth rate and longer potential lifespan of goldfish.


  • If goldfish age <= 2: human_years = goldfish_years * 10
  • If goldfish age > 2: human_years = 20 + (goldfish_years – 2) * 4

Fish do not age in the same way or at the same rate as humans.

Goldfish Years to Human Years Calculator

Goldfish Years to Human Years Calculator
Goldfish Years to Human Years Calculator

To find out accurate goldfish lifespan in human years, use below fish age calculator.

  • 1 Goldfish years are equal to 10 human years
  • 2 Goldfish years are equal to 20 human years
  • 3 Goldfish years are equal to 24 human years
  • 4 Goldfish years are equal to 28 human years
  • 5 Goldfish years are equal to 32 human years
  • 6 Goldfish years are equal to 36 human years
  • 7 Goldfish years are equal to 40 human years
Goldfish YearsHuman Years

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Goldfish Age Chart

Here is a general age chart for goldfish showing their stages of growth from young to full maturity, because you need this while converting goldfish years to human years.

Goldfish Years to Human Years Chart

3-4 months old – Reach around 1 inch long. Beginning signs of coloration, still largely transparent.

6 months old – Approx 1-2 inches long. Color has fully developed, opaque appearance. Some fancy varieties growing first wen buds.

9-12 months old – Size ranges 2-3 inches. Comets/commons showing active streamlined shape. Fantails acquiring fuller caudal fins.

18 months old – Over 3 inches long. Growth begins to slow from rapid juvenile stage. Adult body proportions.

2-3 years old – Average 4-6 inches length as subadults. Fancy varieties showing complete headgrowths. Flowing fins.

4-5 years old – Average 6-8 inches. Sophisticated colors and fins. Mature specimens of most common breeds. Peak breeding age.

8-10 years old – Fin and body size largely stabilized. Colors fading slightly with age. Comets near maximum length around 12 inches.

15+ years old – Into “elderly” phase. Colors often dull, opaque eyes, fins fraying. Lower energy levels. Largest ryukins nearing 10 inches length.


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