Pig Years to Human Years – Pig Age Calculator

Pig Years to Human Years

Let’s find out how can we convert pig years to human years by using animal age calculator at yearsinhumanyers.com.

Pigs can live for about 15 to 20 years in a well-cared-for environment, though many domestic pigs have shorter lifespans due to farming practices.

For example, if we assume a pig’s lifespan is 20 years and a human’s is 80 years, below is the pig age in human years.

  • For the first year of a pig’s life, it ages 18 human years.
  • From age 1 to 3 (2 years), the pig ages 8 human years, which is 4 human years per pig year.
  • From age 3 to 7 (4 years), the pig ages 16 human years, which is 4 human years per pig year.
  • From age 7 to 12 (5 years), the pig ages 20 human years, which is 4 human years per pig year.
  • The age of 12 pig years are equivalent to 62 human years.

Pig Years to Human Years Calculator

Convert pig’s age into human years using below pig age calculator.

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How do pigs age / Life stages

Pigs, like many animals, go through distinct life stages as they age, and their development can be quite different from that of humans. Here’s an overview of the typical life stages of a pig:

  1. Birth to Weaning (0-3 months):
    • Newborn pigs are called piglets.
    • Piglets are highly dependent on their mother for warmth and nutrition, typically nursing for the first few weeks.
    • They grow rapidly during this period.
  2. Weaning to Sexual Maturity (3-6 months):
    • Piglets are weaned off their mother’s milk and begin to eat solid food.
    • This is a crucial growth stage, and they gain weight rapidly.
    • Pigs reach sexual maturity quite early, often around six months of age.
  3. Grower Stage (6-12 months):
    • Pigs are considered ‘growers’ from weaning until they reach market weight or breeding maturity.
    • They continue to grow rapidly and put on a significant amount of weight.
  4. Finisher Stage (12 months – market weight):
    • This stage is typically for pigs being raised for meat.
    • The focus is on gaining weight efficiently.
    • Pigs are considered ‘finished’ when they reach the desired market weight, which can vary.
  5. Breeding Stage (from sexual maturity onwards):
    • Breeding pigs (boars and sows) are kept for reproductive purposes.
    • Sows can give birth to multiple litters per year.
    • Boars are used for mating with sows.
  6. Adulthood (1-8 years):
    • Pigs are fully grown and reach their full size.
    • They can continue to be productive in terms of breeding for several years.
    • Lifespan can vary depending on breed and living conditions, with some pigs living up to 15-20 years in optimal conditions.
  7. Senior Stage (8 years and older):
    • Pigs in this stage may show signs of aging such as reduced activity levels and slower metabolism.
    • Health issues may become more prevalent.

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Pig Age Chart

Below is the detailed pig years to human years chart for more better understanding.

Pig years to human years Chart
Pig years to human years Chart

Baby Jane, born on February 1, 1998, and living until September 10, 2021, holds the record for being the oldest pig in captivity, with an age of 23 years and 221 days. This remarkable lifespan is significantly longer than the average for pigs, which typically live between 12 to 20 years in well-cared-for environments.

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