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Pigeon Years to Human Years

Do you want to compare pigeon years to human years? Pigeons, on average, live for about 6-7 years in the wild, but they can live up to 15 years or more in captivity.

Humans on the other hand have an average lifespan of around 80 years. When you consider the ratio of these lifespans, the conversion factor of 6.5 is a reasonable approximation.

Here is an sample conversion of pigeon age in human years.

  • A 1 years old pigeon is 6.5 years old in human years.
  • The 2 years old pigeon is 13 years old in human years.
  • The age of 3 pigeon years is approximately equivalent to 19.5 human years.

Want to convert more? use our below given pigeon years to human years calculator to know pigeon age.

Pigeon Years to Human Years

  • 0.5 years (6.5 human years): Hatching and rapid growth.
  • 1 year (13 human years): Sexual maturity and independent flight.
  • 2 years (19.5 human years): Nesting and territory establishment.
  • 3 years (26 human years): Regular breeding and raising young.
  • 4 years (32.5 human years): Potential decline in breeding frequency.
  • 5 years (39 human years): Reduced activity and increased dependence on others.
  • 6 years (45.5 human years): Significant decline in physical abilities.
  • 7 years (52 human years): Increased frailty and potential health issues.
  • 8 years (58.5 human years): Rare occurrence, significant decline in all functions.
  • 9 years (65 human years): Very rare occurrence, exceptional longevity.
  • 10 years (71.5 human years): Extremely rare occurrence, almost unheard of.

Pigeon Age Conversion Formula:

To convert pigeon years to human years, we can use the following formula:

Human Years=Pigeon Years×6.5

This means that for every year in a pigeon’s life, it’s equivalent to 6.5 years in human terms.


  1. Determine the Age of the Pigeon: The first step is to determine the age of the pigeon in pigeon years.
  2. Apply the Conversion Formula: Multiply the pigeon’s age by 6.5 to get the equivalent age in human years.
  3. Result: The result will give you the age of the pigeon in human years.

Pigeon Age Chart

Discover the below given Pigeon Years to Human Years Chart.

Pigeon years to human years chart
Pigeon years to human years chart

Peace, the retired racing pigeon, is thought to hold the title of the world’s oldest pigeon at 24 years old, equivalent to an impressive 147 years in bird time.

Pigeon Life Stages

Pigeons, like many birds, go through various life stages as they mature. Here is a general overview of pigeon life stages:

  1. Hatchling (0-1 week): This is the newborn stage. Hatchlings are completely dependent on their parents for warmth, protection, and food.
  2. Nestling (1-4 weeks): During this stage, the pigeon grows rapidly and develops feathers. It remains in the nest and relies on its parents for food.
  3. Fledgling (4-6 weeks): The fledgling stage marks the time when the young pigeon leaves the nest and begins to explore its surroundings. It is still dependent on its parents for food and guidance.
  4. Juvenile (6 weeks – sexual maturity): Juvenile pigeons continue to grow and develop adult plumage. They become more independent in finding food but may still stay close to their parents.
  5. Young Adult (sexual maturity – 1 year): This stage involves reaching sexual maturity. Pigeons typically attain reproductive capability around 6 months to a year old.
  6. Adult (1-5 years): During this stage, pigeons are in their prime. They are capable of reproducing and engage in finding mates and establishing territories.
  7. Senior Adult (5+ years): Pigeons are considered seniors as they age beyond five years. Their reproductive activity may decline, and they may face age-related health challenges.

Lifespan of Pigeons: Various ornithological studies and resources indicate that pigeons have a shorter lifespan in the wild due to factors like predators, diseases, and environmental challenges. In captivity, with proper care, their lifespan can extend significantly.

Points to Prove the Method:

  1. Consistency with Known Data: The formula aligns well with the known average lifespans of pigeons and humans.
  2. Widely Accepted: The formula is presented on a reputable pigeon information platform, indicating its acceptance in the pigeon-keeping community.
  3. Simple and Easy to Use: The formula is straightforward, making it easy for anyone to convert pigeon years to human years without complex calculations.


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