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Cats Pregnancy Calculator

The cats pregnancy calculator is an online tool that helps estimate cat’s due date, the average cats gestation is 63 days or 9 weeks or two months.

When a pregnant cat will give birth is always determined by its mating or breeding date. It uses the average feline gestation period to calculate a due date.

The formula is:

Due Date = Breeding Date + 63 days

Pet Cats have an average pregnancy length of 63-67 days. Feline due date calculator use 63 days from the approximate breeding date to estimate the kittens’ due date.

Cats Pregnancy Calculator

How to calculate my cat’s due date?

To calculate the due date:

  1. Take the date your cat was bred – this is Day 1 of gestation.
  2. Add 63 days to that date.
  3. The date calculated is the estimated due date.

Cats go through a 9-week gestation period before giving birth to a litter of kittens. Knowing when your cat became pregnant and anticipating the birth can help you prepare.

To use a cat pregnancy calculator:

  1. Enter the date your cat was first bred
  2. The calculator estimates a due date 65 days from the first breeding, as cats have a typical gestation length of 63-67 days.

What information do you need to use a cat pregnancy calculator accurately?

  • The exact date your cat was first bred, if known. If the date is unknown, estimate when your cat first went into heat and could have mated.
  • Your cat’s breed, as some purebreds have slightly shorter or longer gestation periods.
  • Dates of any subsequent matings, as kittens don’t always arrive precisely 65 days after the first breeding.

Cat pregnancy calendars provide an estimated due date based on the first day your cat mated. This useful for estimating the due date so you know when to expect those tiny paws.

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How can I tell that my cat is Pregnant?

How can I tell that my cat is Pregnant

Some signs that indicate your cat may be expecting kittens include:

  • Weight gain and enlarging nipples 1-2 weeks after mating
  • Enlarged, pink nipples 3-4 weeks after mating
  • Morning sickness, lethargy, and other behavioral changes 2-3 weeks after mating
  • Nesting behaviors like kneading and attention to blankets or boxes 1-2 weeks before birth
  • Enlarged abdomen and movement of kittens may be visible shortly before birth

When should you take your cat to the vet if you suspect pregnancy?

Experts recommend taking your cat to the vet for an exam and confirmation of pregnancy 3-4 weeks after mating. An ultrasound may be done to check for kittens and determine how far along she is. Your vet can estimate a due date and advise you on prenatal care.

Cats Pregnancy Timeline / Stages

Cats Pregnancy Timeline

A feline’s pregnancy timeline lasts about 9 weeks and goes through the following stages:

First 2 Weeks

  • Eggs are fertilized and divide, then travel to implant in the uterine horn
  • Female resumes normal behavior and appetite
  • Weight remains normal

Week 3-4

  • Morning sickness, food aversions, and lethargy may occur
  • Nipples enlarge and pink up
  • Abdomen remains normal size
  • Baby heartbeats detectable on ultrasound

Week 5-6

  • Abdomen enlarges
  • Nesting behaviors emerge
  • Increased appetite and weight gain
  • Fetal skeletons and eye spots visible on ultrasound

Week 7-9

  • Rapid abdominal swelling
  • Movements of kittens may be visible
  • Decreased appetite and increased vocalization
  • Milk glands enlarge
  • Birth within roughly one week of due date

Preparing for Delivery

To get ready for your cat to give birth:

  • Have a nesting box lined with blankets available by week 7
  • Keep food and water close by
  • Limit stress and monitor for labor signs like restlessness
  • Have emergency vet number handy in case of difficulties

What supplies should you have for the birth?

Vet Dr. Margret Casal recommends having the following supplies ready before delivery:

  • Whelping or nesting box, carrier, and bedding
  • Thermometer and lubricant
  • Heating pad or lamp for warmth
  • Clean towels
  • Gloves and disinfectant
  • Dental floss or thread for tying umbilical cords
  • Emergency vet contact

Signs Your Cat is in Labor

Signs Your Cat is in Labor

Look for these signs that your cat is ready to give birth:

  • Drop in rectal temperature below 100°F
  • Restlessness, scratching, and anxious behavior
  • Loss of appetite and vomiting
  • Visible muscle contractions
  • Vaginal discharge and appearance of amniotic sac

When should you call the vet during the birth process?

Consult your vet promptly if:

  • No kitten arrives after 2 hours of strong labor
  • More than 3 hours between deliveries
  • Weak or non-responsive kittens
  • Heavy bleeding from mother cat
  • No labor by day 70 despite signs

Important Questions

How long are cats pregnant?

The typical feline gestation period is 63-67 days or about 9 weeks. Some purebreds have shorter or longer gestation lengths.

What should I feed a pregnant cat?

Feed a high quality protein-rich diet formulated for pregnancy/lactation. Feed smaller, frequent meals and ensure access to water. Consult your vet on ideal nutrition.

Where should a cat give birth?

Prepare a nesting box with bedding in a quiet, comfortable area several days before birth. Keep food, water, and litter box very nearby. Limit noise and disruptions.

How many days till a pregnant cat gives birth?

Cats usually give birth around 63-67 days after getting pregnant. As you near the due date estimated by a cat pregnancy calculator, watch for signs of labor like restlessness, lack of appetite, and vaginal discharge.

What does an 8-week pregnant cat look like?

At 8 weeks pregnant, your cat’s abdomen will be very enlarged and rounded. Nipples are pink, enlarged, and may leak milk. You may see and feel kittens moving. Your cat may vocalize more and show nesting behaviors.

How many hours is a cat in labor?

Active labor when strong contractions begin can last 2-24 hours. Usually kittens will be delivered within 12 hours after the start of noticeable labor. Contact your vet if labor stops progressing.

How can I tell when my cat is about to give birth?

Signs your cat may give birth very soon include:

  • Nesting behaviors like scratching and nest box interest
  • Drop in temperature below 100°F
  • Loss of appetite, vomiting, restlessness
  • Enlarged nipples, milk leakage
  • Visible contractions and vaginal discharge

How soon can a cat get pregnant after having kittens?

Cats can get pregnant again very quickly after giving birth, as early as 2 weeks after delivery. This is because feline estrus cycles resume shortly after birth. Experts recommend spaying a cat before her first heat cycle, which occurs as early as 4 months old. Allowing her to go into heat can lead to rapid repeat pregnancies.

When do pregnant cats start showing?

There are a few stages where a cat’s pregnancy becomes outwardly noticeable:

  • Around 3-4 weeks after breeding, a cat’s nipples will become enlarged and pink.
  • At 4-5 weeks, the cat’s abdomen may begin gradually enlarging.
  • From weeks 5-6, a pot belly is usually obvious as the kittens grow. The cat may have visible weight gain.
  • In the final weeks 7-9, the abdomen enlarges rapidly. By week 8, it will appear very round and swollen. The pregnant belly will be very evident at this stage.

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