Cow Years to Human Years – Cow Age Calculator

Cow Years to Human Years

Do you want to calculate your cow age in human years? It is easy to convert cow yeas to human years by using below formula.

Here’s the breakdown of the cow’s age in relation to human years:

  1. 1 year in cow age is equivalent to 14 human years.
  2. A 3 year old cow in 22 old in human years.
  3. 5 years in cow age is equivalent to 30 human years.
  4. 10 years in cow age is equivalent to 50 human years.
  5. 15 years in cow age is equivalent to 70 human years.
  6. 20 years in cow age is equivalent to 90 human years.

Additionally, cows go through five main life stages:

  1. Baby Life Stage (0-6 months): At this stage, a cow is referred to as a calf.
  2. Teenage Life Stage (6 months – 1 year):
    • Female: Heifer
    • Non-castrated Male: Bull Calf
    • Castrated Male: Steer
  3. Adulthood (1 year – 10 years):
    • Female: Cow
    • Non-castrated Male: Bull
    • Castrated Male: Steer
  4. Aged Cows (10 years – 12 years): This is the stage where cows are considered to be in their old age but not yet elderly.
  5. Elderly Cows (12 years and older): At this stage, cows are considered to be in their senior years.

Still Confused? Use below authentic animal age calculator to compare cow age in human years.

Cow Years to Human Years Calculator

Enter age in years for converting cow years to human years.

Cow YearsHuman YearsLife Stages

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Cow life stages

Cow life stages
Cow life stages

According to sources, below is the lifecycle of Cows.

  1. Calf to Juvenile (Birth to 2 Years): Cows reach physical maturity around the age of two. This stage could be likened to a human reaching young adulthood (around 18-20 years). So, for the first two years of a cow’s life, each year might be equivalent to 9-10 human years.
  2. Adult (2 Years and Beyond): After reaching maturity, the aging process in cows, like in many other animals, doesn’t align as closely with human aging. Cows typically live to be around 15-20 years old in managed environments (though this can vary). Given that the average human lifespan is around 70-80 years, one might roughly equate each adult cow year to about 3-4 human years.

Here’s how to convert cow years to human years:

  • A calf (0-6 months) is in the baby stage of its life, which is similar to a human infant.
  • A heifer, bull calf, or steer (6 months – 1 year) is in its teenage years, akin to human teenagers.
  • Adult cows, bulls, and steers (1 year – 10 years) are in their prime, similar to human adults.
  • Aged cows (10 years – 12 years) are in their old age, akin to senior humans but not yet in their elderly phase.
  • Elderly cows (12 years and older) are in their senior years, similar to elderly humans.

This analogy helps in understanding the life stages of a cow in relation to human age and life stages.

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Cow Age Chart

Cow Age Chart
Cow Age Chart

The title of the oldest cow ever recorded is often attributed to a cow named Big Bertha, who reportedly lived to be 48 years old. Big Bertha was an Irish Droimeann cow born on March 17, 1945, and she died on December 31, 1993. She became famous not only for her longevity but also for her prolific breeding; she reportedly produced 39 calves over her lifetime.

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