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Owl Years to Human Years

Have you ever wondered how to calculate owl years to human years? Owls can live surprisingly long lives relative to their small body sizes. An owl lifespan of 30 years would be over 117 years old in equivalent human years!

Most owl species live 10-20 years on average in the wild. Some species have average lifespans in the wild closer to 25-30 years. 

Owls in captivity or those rehabilitated and released can live even longer, with some species living 30 or more years in protected environments with ample care and food.

The 1 year for an owl is equal to about 3.9 human years. This owl to human age conversion scale is based on factors like metabolic rate and development stages.

If we do some conversions based on that 3.9 ratio:

  • 10 years for an owl would be equivalent to an age of 39 human years
  • 15 owl years = approximately 59 human years
  • A 20 year old owl would be similar in age to a 78 year old human

A 30 year old captive owl, which is rare but possible, would essentially be 117 years old relative to a human lifespan.

  1. Smaller Owls (e.g., Saw-whet Owls, Screech Owls): 3 to 5 years on average.
  2. Medium-sized Owls (e.g., Barn Owls, Great Horned Owls): 10 to 15 years on average.
  3. Large Owls (e.g., Snowy Owls, Eagle Owls): 20 to 30 years or more in some cases.

Owl Years to Human Years Calculator

Owl Years to Human Years
Owl Years to Human Years

Compare owl lifespan with human years by using animal years to human years calculator.

  • 1 Owl Years are Equivalent to 3.9 Human Years
  • 2 Owl Years are Equivalent to 7.8 Human Years
  • 3 Owl Years are Equivalent to 11.7 Human Years
  • 4 Owl Years are Equivalent to 15.6 Human Years
  • 5 Owl Years are Equivalent to 19.5 Human Years
  • 6 Owl Years are Equivalent to 23.4 Human Years
  • 7 Owl Years are Equivalent to 27.3 Human Years
  • 8 Owl Years are Equivalent to 31.2 Human Years
  • 9 Owl Years are Equivalent to 35.1 Human Years
Owl YearsHuman Years
1 year3.9 years
2 years7.8 years
3 years11.7 years
4 years15.6 years
5 years19.5 years
6 years23.4 years
7 years27.3 years
8 years31.2 years
9 years35.1 years
10 years39 years
15 years58.5 years
20 years78 years
25 years97.5 years
30 years117 years
35 years136.5 years
40 years156 years

Owls are nocturnal birds of prey known for their distinctive appearance and hooting calls. They are found in various habitats worldwide, from forests to deserts. Their lifespan and aging process can vary significantly depending on the species.

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Owl Age Chart

Owl Age Chart
Owl Years to human years Chart

Key owl life events:

  • Hatch and fledge from nest around 1 year
  • Reach sexual maturity and begin breeding around 3 years
  • Peak reproduction from about 5-12 years
  • Enter senior years after about 13-20 years
  • Owls over 20 are rare; over 30 very exceptional

This owl age in human years gives a more complete picture of typical owl aging and life stages. Even owls over 20 years old would be considered very senior, with ages over 25-30 years quite exceptional, similar to a human living over 100 years.

The Great Horned Owl is one the longest-lived owl species ever documented. One wild great horned owl was recorded living an exceptional 28 years after being banded as an adult and recovered years later, still breeding. In captivity, the record age reached by a Great Horned Owl was an astonishing 50 years old at the San Francisco Zoo. This is over double the average lifespan expected even in captivity, showcasing the impressively long life possible for this large and adaptable owl species when provided consistent food, shelter, and care by humans.

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