World Pangolin Day 2024 Quotes, Activities, Theme

World Pangolin Day

What is World Pangolin Day 2024? World Pangolin Day is celebrated annually on the 3rd Saturday in February.

The purpose to celebrate World Pangolin Day is to raise awareness about pangolins and advocate for their conservation.

Pangolins are unique mammals covered in scales that are found in Asia and Africa. They are the most trafficked mammal in the world and are threatened by poaching and habitat loss.

World Pangolin Day was first celebrated in 2012. It was started by the conservation organization Annamiticus. On this day, various events are held to educate people about pangolins.

World Pangolin Day 2024 Dates

World Pangolin Day 2024

World Pangolin Day 2024 falls on February 17, which is unofficial animal holiday. Popular hashtags used are #WorldPangolinDay, #SavePangolins, and #ScalesNotSkin. Leading up to it is World Pangolin Conservation Day on February 15.

To support pangolins, people can donate to conservation groups, volunteer at sanctuaries, avoid purchasing pangolin products, and spread awareness about their plight.

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World Pangolin Day Quotes 2024

World Pangolin Day Quotes

Pangolins are one of the most illegally trafficked mammals on our planet. On World Pangolin Day, we need to come together to raise our voices for this gentle creature. “Pangolins need our help more than ever to stop their extinction.” – World Wildlife Fund

“Scales are not meant for medicine nor luxury goods. Let us make sure pangolins keep their scales firmly attached to their bodies.” – Save Pangolins Organization

“Pangolins roll into a ball when threatened, but they can’t roll away from extinction without our help.” – Singapore Zoo

“Be their voice, their guardian, their savior. Speak for those who cannot.” – Pangolin Conservation

“If we can protect the pangolin, we can protect so much more.” – IUCN Pangolin Specialist Group

“Pangolins have walked this earth for 80 million years – let’s make sure they continue to do so.” – Annamiticus

“The illegal pangolin trade is pushing them to the brink. It’s time to scale up our efforts to save these precious creatures.” – African Wildlife Foundation

“They may be small and shy, but pangolins need big, bold action. Together we can #SavePangolins.” – Wildlife Conservation Society

“Pangolins need all of us to unite and take a stand against those trying to steal their scales. Today and every day.” – Pangolin Crisis Fund

World Pangolin Day Activities 2024

Host an educational event about pangolins – their biology, the threats they face, and conservation efforts. Invite speakers from wildlife organizations.

Organize a fundraising drive to support pangolin conservation groups. Sell pangolin-themed art, t-shirts, baked goods etc. and donate funds raised.

Contact local schools and libraries to provide pangolin conservation books, posters and learning materials for students.

Set up a pangolin photo booth where people can take pictures with a toy pangolin and pledge to protect them. Share on social media.

Create a pangolin art exhibition with information about their endangerment. Ask local artists and children to contribute pangolin artwork.

Screen wildlife documentaries about pangolins and host a discussion session afterwards.

Organize a peaceful march or gathering with pangolin costumes, signs and banners to raise awareness.

Share articles, videos, infographics and facts about pangolins on social media. Use hashtags like #WorldPangolinDay, #SavePangolins.

Write letters to local policy makers urging them to prioritize pangolin conservation and stop illegal wildlife trade.

Volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center that cares for rescued pangolins.

How many pangolins are left in the world?

There are estimated to be only around 190,000 – 300,000 pangolins left in the wild. Their numbers have declined rapidly in recent years due to illegal poaching and trade.

All 8 species of pangolins are considered threatened with extinction according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The Chinese pangolin and Sunda pangolin are classified as Critically Endangered with their populations decreasing by over 80% in the past decades.

The other 6 species – Indian, Philippine, Chinese, White-bellied, Giant Ground, and Black-bellied pangolins are classified as Endangered.

How many types of pangolins are there?

There are a total of 8 existing pangolin species found across Asia and Africa:

  • Chinese Pangolin
  • Sunda Pangolin
  • Indian Pangolin
  • Philippine Pangolin
  • White-bellied Pangolin
  • Giant Ground Pangolin
  • Black-bellied Pangolin
  • Temminck’s Ground Pangolin

All 8 species of pangolins are threatened by illegal trafficking due to the high demand for their scales and meat, despite a worldwide ban. Urgent conservation efforts are needed to save them.

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