National Pig Day 2024 Tickets, Theme, Events, Activities

National Pig Day

National Pig Day is celebrated annually on March 1st to recognize pigs as intelligent and useful domesticated animals. It was established in 1972 by Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave.

Events are held across the USA, especially in the Midwest, including pig parades, parties, zoo events, farmer events, etc.

People celebrate by eating pork dishes, tying pink pigtail ribbons around trees, having “pig parties”, doing pig-themed arts and crafts, etc.

The theme is to honor pigs and raise awareness about their importance and value. The holiday promotes positive pig welfare.

National Pig Day 2024

National Pig Day 2024

National Pig Day 2024 on March 1st 2024 celebrates pigs across the USA through educational and fun community events and activities aiming to highlight pigs’ special traits and importance.

Pig Day celebrates pigs and raises awareness about these highly intelligent and social animals. It is meant to show appreciation for pigs and enjoy some pork dishes.

On this day many people enjoy eating pork dishes like ham, bacon, pork chops, etc. Pig-themed parties may include pink decorations and pig-shaped foods. Some farms and zoos hold events to educate about pigs.

Pigs are considered one of the most intelligent domestic animals. A pig’s orgasm can last up to 30 minutes. The average piglet will nurse 12-14 times a day. There are over 2 billion pigs in the world. Pigs do not sweat and rely on water or mud to cool themselves.

National Pig Day 2024 Tickets

Tickets are usually not required for most National Pig Day events, which are often free community events hosted at venues like farms, zoos and schools. Some organizations may sell tickets for special pig-themed events.

The Little Rock Zoo is hosting National Pig Day 2024 events from 10am-4pm on March 1st. Tickets are included with regular zoo admission.

An eventbrite listing shows a Pig Day Paint Party on March 1st, 2024 selling tickets for $25.

Most events like pig parades, parties, craft activities etc. hosted by schools, farms, and community groups are usually free public events that do not require tickets.

Some organizations and venues may sell tickets for special pig-themed events, parties or fundraisers around this day.

National Pig Day 2024 Theme

The overarching National Pig Day theme 2024 seems to center around celebrating pigs and raising appreciation for their importance through public events and creative activities. The holiday promotes positive messaging about pigs being intelligent, useful domesticated animals deserving of respect and quality care.

Raising awareness about pigs as intelligent, social, and useful domesticated animals that are often underappreciated. National Pig Day aims to highlight the importance and value of pigs in agriculture and daily life.

Promoting positive pig welfare and healthy environments for pigs to live.

Honoring the historical and continued role of pigs in American and global culture, from early homesteads to modern farms.

Hosting educational and fun community events like pig parades, parties, zoo events that allow people to learn about and engage with pigs .

Doing arts, crafts, costumes and other hands-on activities related to pigs.

National Pig Day 2024 Events Activities

How to celebrate National Pig Day? Typical events include pig parades, parties with pork dishes, zoo events, children’s craft activities, pig races, visiting pig farms, etc. Events aim to be educational and fun.

Popular activities involve pig-themed arts and crafts, dressing up pigs with ribbons, eating specialty pork dishes, learning about pigs through books and movies, making piggy banks, etc. Activities highlight pigs’ special abilities and traits.

The events and activities aim to honor pigs and raise awareness about their importance in agriculture and as intelligent domesticated animals. They tend to be educational and hands-on community events hosted by venues like zoos, schools, and farms.

Pig Day History

Why is National Pig Day celebrated? National Pig Day was established in 1972 by two sisters – Ellen Stanley, a teacher from Lubbock, Texas, and Mary Lynne Rave from Beaufort, North Carolina. Their goal was to celebrate pigs as intelligent and domesticated animals that are often underappreciated. 

The holiday is now most commonly celebrated in the Midwest region of the United States, especially on farms, in schools, zoos, etc. Typical celebrations involve pig-themed parties, parades, arts and crafts, eating pork dishes, and raising awareness about pig agriculture. 

Pigs have a long history in American culture, being brought to North America as early as the 1600s by settlers. They played an integral economic role on homesteads and farms, providing meat, leather, and bristles. Pigs were also used as working animals for plowing and transportation.

Are pigs intelligent animals?

Pigs are considered to be highly intelligent animals. They have excellent long-term memories, allowing them to remember locations, objects, and learned information for months or years.

Pigs also exhibit complex social skills, forming social groups and strong bonds with other pigs. They can even recognize themselves in a mirror, suggesting self-awareness.

Pigs are also adept problem-solvers, capable of learning tricks and solving mazes through positive reinforcement training. Their intelligence is believed by many scientists to be equal or superior to dogs, cats, and some primates.

How do pigs communicate?

Pigs have an elaborate system of over 20 vocalizations including oinks, grunts, and squeals that they use to communicate different messages. They utilize body language as well, positioning their tails in certain ways.

Pigs are very social and use their communication skills to interact with each other. They form complex social groups and can recognize other individual pigs.

Their communication abilities allow them to understand social hierarchies and exhibit a wide range of emotions. Pigs seem to experience empathy and effectively share information with each other.

Interesting Facts About Pigs

  • They are highly intelligent animals, with excellent long-term memories. Pigs can remember locations, objects, and learned skills for months or years, similar to elephants and primates.
  • Pigs can solve complex mazes and problems. They are great at learning tricks through positive reinforcement training.
  • They express a wide range of emotions including joy, sadness, fear, anger, and anticipation. Pigs seem to experience empathy.
  • Pigs communicate with over 20 different vocalizations as well as using body language.
  • They form complex social bonds and groups, recognizing other individuals and understanding hierarchies.
  • Pigs can recognize themselves in a mirror, suggesting self-awareness. Very few species can do this.
  • They like to play, play-fighting, chasing each other, and playing with toys. Play is a sign of intelligence.
  • Pigs have an excellent sense of smell, even better than dogs. They use their snout to root around.
  • Baby pigs are called piglets. Sows can have 8-12 piglets in a litter who mature quickly.
  • There are an estimated 2 billion pigs globally, on every continent except Antarctica.
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