Animal Holidays Awareness Days Calendar 2024 2025

Animal Holidays

The Animal Awareness Days calendar is a compilation of official and unofficial animal holidays observed nationally and internationally.

These days are designed to improve the welfare of animals around the world.

There are many animal holidays throughout the year to honor and celebrate all the different animals.

Some examples of animal holidays include

The Animal Medical Center and World Animal Protection provide lists of animal holidays and veterinary awareness days for 2024 and 2025.

Animal Holidays 2024

It highlights special days throughout the year that raise awareness about animals, wildlife conservation, and pet adoption. Some of these days are official animal holidays while others are more informal observances.

Some major animal-related days on the calendar include:

  • National Bird Day (January 5)
  • Save the Eagles Day (January 10)
  • Penguin Awareness Day (January 20)
  • World Whale Day (February 19)
  • International Polar Bear Day (February 27)
  • World Wildlife Day (March 3)
  • International Cheetah Day (March 4)
  • Save the Frogs Day (Date varies)
  • National Ferret Day (April 2)
  • World Stray Animals Day (April 4)
  • World Penguin Day (April 25)
  • National Pet Week (First full week of May)
  • International Migratory Bird Day (Second Saturday in May)
  • World Bee Day (May 20)
  • World Oceans Day (June 8)
  • World Sea Turtle Day (June 16)
  • World Giraffe Day (June 21)
  • National Kitten Day (July 10)
  • Shark Awareness Day (July 14)
  • International Tiger Day (July 29)
  • International Cat Day (August 8)
  • World Elephant Day (August 12)
  • National Dog Day (August 26)
  • National Wildlife Day (September 4)
  • International Vulture Awareness Day (First Saturday in September)
  • World Animal Day (October 4)
  • World Vegetarian Day (October 1)
  • National Black Cat Day (October 27)
  • National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (First full week of November)
  • America Recycles Day (November 15)
  • Celebrate Shelter Pets Day (November 30):
  • International Cheetah Day (December 4)
  • International Day of the Horse (December 13)
  • National Cat Herders Day (December 15)

So in 2024, animal lovers have lots of great opportunities to raise awareness, celebrate pets, appreciate wildlife, and support animal welfare! These fun and meaningful days help shine a light on animals all year long.

The calendar is meant to raise public awareness about animal welfare issues, celebrate the human-animal bond, and promote pet adoption from shelters.

It covers pets like dogs, cats, birds, as well as wild animals like elephants, tigers, pandas, etc.

While unofficial, these days are observed by animal lovers, pet businesses, zoos, conservation groups, shelters and more to promote animal causes.

The calendar provides opportunities to support animal charities and shelters through donations, volunteering, social media engagement and other activities.

Animal Awareness / Holidays Days January

Animal Awareness Days
Animal Awareness Days
  • National Bird Day : January 3
  • National Spaghetti Day (popular for pets as “spaghetti dogs”) : January 4
  • National Winter Skin Relief Day (tips for dry skin in pets) : January 8
  • National Dress Up Your Pet Day : January 14
  • National Without a Scalpel Day (promotes spay/neuter) : January 16
  • Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day (quit resolutions that overwhelm pets) : January 17
  • Thesaurus Day (playful vocabulary about animals) : January 18
  • Penguin Awareness Day January 20
  • National Squirrel Appreciation Day January 21
  • Answer Your Cat’s Question Day : January 22
  • Change a Pet’s Life Day : January 24
  • Compliment Day (give pets loving compliments) : January 24
  • National Dog Biscuit Day : January 30 

Animal Holidays Awareness Days February

Here are some of the major animal awareness days and holidays in February 2024 with the dates:

February offers a mix of Valentine love and dental care for pets while raising awareness about wildlife conservation, endangered languages, toxins, and more!

Animal Holidays Awareness Days March

Here are some of the major animal awareness days and events in March 2024:

  • International Rescue Cat Day – March 2nd. This day encourages people to adopt cats from shelters.
  • World Wildlife Day – March 3
  • If Pets Had Thumbs Day – March 3
  • National Pig Day – March 1
  • Key Deer Awareness Day (March 11)
  • World Pet Day – March 14
  • National Panda Day – March 16th. This day honors the giant panda.
  • World Frog Day – March 20th. This day celebrates the amazing diversity and importance of frogs and other amphibians.
  • National Puppy Day – March 23
  • World Bear Day – March 23rd. This day recognizes the eight species of bears.
  • National Ferret Day – March 29
  • National Cleansing of the Feline Tarot Cards Day – March 29 (for cat lovers)
  • Manatee Appreciation Day – last Wednesday in March. This day celebrates the gentle and graceful manatees, also known as sea cows,

So March includes appreciating wildlife, thumbs-up for pets, dental health, puppies, and watching out for people food that may be harmful. It’s a fun mix of quirky and educational days for animal lovers!

Animal Holidays Awareness Days April

  • World Aquatic Animal Day – April 3rd
  • World Stray Animals Day – April 4th
  • World Rat Day: April 4th
  • International Beaver Day – April 7th
  • National Dolphin Day: April 14th
  • Bat Appreciation Day – April 17th
  • International Pallas’s Cat Day – April 23rd
  • World Tapir Day – April 27th
  • International Hyena Day – April 27th
  • World Vet Day – last Saturday of April
  • National Tabby Day April 30

Animal Holidays Awareness Days May

  1. Save the Rhino Day – May 1st
  2. World Tuna Day (May 2)
  3. International Leopard Day (May 3)
  4. Wild Koala Day (May 3)
  5. World Donkey Day (May 8)
  6. National Pet Week: First full week of May (May 1-7 in 2024)
  7. International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day – May 15th. This day promotes the practice of kangaroo care.
  8. National Sea Monkey Day – May 16th. This day celebrates the sea monkey.
  9. Endangered Species Day: Third Friday in May (May 19 in 2024)
  10. International Migratory Bird Day: Second Saturday in May (May 13 in 2024)
  11. World Bee Day: May 20
  12. World Turtle Day: May 23
  13. World Otter Day – May 25th. This day celebrates the otter, a playful and intelligent mammal that lives in aquatic habitats around the world.
  14. International Day for Biological Diversity: May 22
  15. National Dog Bite Prevention Week: Third full week of May (May 19-25 in 2024)
  16. World Parrot Day – May 31st. This day celebrates the parrot, a colorful and charismatic bird that can mimic human speech and other sounds.

Animal Holidays Awareness Days June

  • World Oceans Day – June 8th. This day recognizes the importance of oceans.
  • National Black Cow Day (celebrating Belted Galloway cattle): June 10
  • International Lynx Day – June 11th. This day celebrates the lynx, a rare and elusive wild cat.
  • National Cougar Day – June 12th. This day honors the cougar, also known as the mountain lion, puma, or panther.
  • World Sea Turtle Day – June 16th. This day recognizes the role and importance of sea turtles.
  • World Croc Day – June 17th. This day celebrates the crocodile, a powerful and fascinating animal.
  • World Giraffe Day – June 21st. This day celebrates the giraffe, the tallest and one of the most iconic animals.
  • World Camel Day – June 22nd. This day acknowledges the contribution of camels to human well-being.
  • National Catfish Day : June 25

Animal Holidays Awareness Days July

  • American Zoo Day – July 1st
  • Independence from Meat Day – July 4th
  • National Koi Day – July 7th
  • National Kitten Day – July 10th
  • Shark Awareness Day – July 14th
  • World Chimpanzee Day – July 14th
  • World Orca Day – July 14th
  • Celebration of the Horse Day – July 15th
  • Cow Appreciation Day July 15th
  • World Snake Day – July 16th
  • Guinea Pig Appreciation Day – July 16th
  • Take a Monkey to Lunch Day – July 21st
  • Rat Catcher’s Day – July 22nd
  • Mosquito Day – July 23rd
  • International Tiger Day – July 29th
  • National Mutt Day: July 31

Animal Holidays Awareness Days August

  • International Clouded Leopard Day – August 4th
  • International Moon Bear Day – August 8th
  • World Lion Day – August 10th
  • World Elephant Day – August 12th
  • World Hirola Day – August 12th
  • International Wolf Day – August 13th
  • National Honey Bee Day – August 15th
  • World Orangutan Day – August 19th
  • World African Wild Dog Day – August 26th
  • International Whale Shark Day – August 30th

Animal Holidays Awareness Days September

  • International Primate Day – September 1st
  • Japan Dolphins Day – September 1st
  • National Hummingbird Day – September 3rd
  • National Wildlife Day – September 4th
  • Amazon Rainforest Day – September 5th
  • National Iguana Awareness Day – September 8th
  • International Vulture Awareness Day – September 10th
  • World Manta Day – September 17th
  • International Red Panda Day – September 18th
  • International Red Panda Day: Third Saturday in September (September 21 in 2024)
  • World Rhino Day: September 22nd
  • International Tamarin Day – September 22nd
  • World Gorilla Day September 24th
  • World Rabies Day September 28th

Animal Holidays Awareness Days October

  • National Black Dog Day: October 1st
  • International Raccoon Appreciation Day: October 1st
  • World Farmed Animals Day – October 2nd
  • World Animal Day – October 4th
  • World Octopus Day – October 8th
  • World Egg Day – second Friday in October
  • International Sloth Day – October 20th
  • Reptile Awareness Day – October 21st
  • International Wombat Day – October 22nd
  • International Snow Leopard Day – October 23rd
  • World Gibbon Day – October 24th
  • World Lemur Day (last Friday of October)
  • International Day of Climate Action – October 24th

Animal Holidays Awareness Days November

  • World Vegan Day – November 1st
  • National Bison Day – November 6th
  • National Black Cat Day: November 17th
  • Celebration of Squirrels Day: November 21st
  • World Fisheries Day – November 21st
  • International Jaguar Day – November 29th

Animal Holidays Awareness Days December

  • International Cheetah Day – December 4th
  • Wildlife Conservation Day – December 4th
  • National Llama Day – December 9th
  • International Animal Rights Day – December 10th
  • International Day of the Horse: December 13th
  • International Mountain Day – December 11th
  • Monkey Day – December 14th
  • Visit the Zoo Day – December 27th

What is animal awareness day?

Animal awareness days are special days throughout the calendar year dedicated to raising awareness about animal welfare issues, celebrating the human-animal bond, and promoting pet adoption and wildlife conservation.

Some key things to know about animal awareness days:

They can be formally designated holidays like World Wildlife Day on March 3rd. Others are more informal observances created by animal organizations.

Common themes include pet adoption, spay/neuter, protecting endangered species, humane farming practices, speaking up against animal cruelty, providing enrichment to pets, and celebrating the joy pets bring us.

Major annual events include World Animal Day on October 4th, National Pet Day on April 11th, National Dog Day on August 26th, and International Cat Day on August 8th.

In addition to serious topics, some quirky and fun animal days exist like National Hairball Awareness Day on April 28th.

Animal shelters, zoos, conservation groups and pet brands often hold events on these days to promote causes and engage their communities.

On social media, hashtags like #NationalPuppyDay allow millions of pet owners to share photos and stories.

Grassroots activists encourage people to take action on these days by donating, volunteering, adopting a pet, or contacting legislators about policies.

Animal HolidaysNational Hedgehog DayWorld Hippopotamus Day
World Pangolin DayGroundhog DayNational Golden Retriever
National Boston Terrier DayInternational Polar BearNational Serpent Day
World Whale DayNational Pig DayNational Bird Day
Labrador Retriever DayWorld Frog DayNational Panda Day
National Puppy DayWord Bear DayManatee Appreciation Day
Bull Terrier DayNational Ferret Day

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