National Westie Day 2024 Quotes, History, Events

National Westie Day

National Westie Day is celebrated March 20th, is a special dog day to celebrate and appreciate the West Highland White Terrier breed of dog.

Westies, as they are affectionately called, are known for their white coats, lively personalities, and loyal nature. The observance falls on February 13th every year and provides a chance for Westie owners, breeders, and enthusiasts to come together in appreciation of this popular small terrier breed.

West Highland White Terriers originated in Scotland and have a long history as working dogs in the countryside. Their bright white coats allowed them to be easily distinguished from prey animals while hunting.

Today, Westies make delightful family companions with their confidence, energy, and devotion to their owners. National Westie Day gives fans of the breed a chance to spotlight the endearing qualities of these small but mighty terriers.

When is National Westie Day 2024

National Westie Day 2024

In 2024, National Westie Day is on Wednesday, 20th March 2024. This special day is dedicated to honoring the West Highland White Terrier, also known as the Westie, a beloved breed with a rich history and a loyal following.

Westie Day holds significance as it commemorates the passing of the 16th Laird of the MacCullum-Malcom, who is credited with creating the breed.

World Westie Day is the perfect opportunity for West Highland White Terrier lovers to celebrate this energetic and loyal little breed.

Westies have a big personality packed into a small package and continue to win over fans with their confident antics and affectionate nature.

This fun holiday is a chance to promote responsible Westie ownership while showing appreciation for a popular breed with Scottish roots. Westie owners should get ready to party with their white coated companions


National Westie Day is celebrated annually on March 20th and its history is tied to the legacy of Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm, the 16th Laird of the MacCullum-Malcom. He is credited with developing and popularizing the West Highland White Terrier (Westie) breed as we know it today.

Here’s a closer look at the connection:

  • Colonel Malcolm’s contribution:
    • He dedicated his life to breeding and refining the Westie from its original role as a working terrier to a show dog and cherished companion.
    • He was instrumental in establishing breed standards and promoting Westies at dog shows, leading to their wider recognition and popularity.
  • The date of significance:
    • National Westie Day coincides with the anniversary of Colonel Malcolm’s passing on March 20th, 1930.
    • It serves as a tribute to his lasting influence on the breed and a way to celebrate the unique characteristics and charm of Westies.

National Westie Day Celebration, Events, Activities

There are many fun ways for Westie lovers to enjoy the day:

Have a Westie play date – Get together with other Westie owners and let the pups play. This is a great way for Westies to socialize.

Enter your Westie in a dog show or competition – Check your local area for any dog shows or competitions happening around National Westie Day and enter your Westie. They’ll love the chance to strut their stuff.

Make your Westie a cake or treats – Bake a cake or whip up some special doggie treats to celebrate your Westie. You can find Westie cake pan molds and bone shaped cookie cutters online.

Have a Westie photo shoot – Dress your Westie up in a fun outfit or bandana and take lots of pictures. Share the best ones on social media.

Go on a long walk or hike – Westies love exercise, so make the day special by taking them on a nice long walk through the woods or on a scenic nature trail.

Visit a dog friendly restaurant/cafe – Check out restaurants in your area that allow dogs and take your Westie out for a puppuccino or doggie ice cream.

Buy your Westie a new toy or treats – Pick out a fun new squeaky toy or yummy treats to gift your Westie on their special day.

Make your Westie a crown – Let them feel like royalty on their day by making them a paper crown to wear for photos.

Donate to a Westie rescue organization – Make a donation or volunteer for a Westie rescue to support pups in need.


“My Westie makes every day a celebration.”

“The only thing better than one Westie is two Westies.”

“Westies – If you want loyalty, get a Westie.”

“Westies know how to party in style for Westie Day!”

“Happy National Westie Day to my favorite white furball.”

“Westies have the perfect combination of sass and sweetness.”

“Another Westie Day, another year of adventures with my best friend.”

“Westies wear white to always look their best.”

“May your Westie be filled with extra zoomies today!”

“Let’s paw-ty Westie style for Westie Day Celebration!”

“Unleash the fun, it’s Westie Day!”

“Westies rule today and every day on Westie Day.”

“Everything is just a little brighter with a Westie around.”

“Happy National Westie Day to the best breed ever!”

“Westies know how to show their owners loyalty and love.”

“Here’s to the Westies! My heart belongs to this breed.”

West Terrier Facts and Characteristics

Originated in Scotland, bred to hunt vermin and small prey animals. Their white coats allowed them to be differentiated from quarry.

The breed was officially recognized by the AKC in 1908. They are a medium-small terrier breed.

Westies typically weigh between 15-22 pounds and stand 10-12 inches tall. Males are slightly larger than females.

They have a white double coat that can be straight or slightly wavy. The undercoat is soft and the topcoat is rougher.

Westies are lively, loyal, curious, and possess an independent spirit and self-assuredness. They can be social but also aloof with strangers.

Well-suited for apartment living due to their small size but need daily exercise and stimulation. They are active indoors.

Prone to certain health issues including skin problems, allergies, jawbone disease, and pulmonic stenosis. Responsible breeding minimizes risks.

Next National Westie Days

National Westie DayDateDay
2025March 20thThursday
2026March 20thFriday
2027March 20thSaturday
2028March 20thMonday
2029March 20thTuesday
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